Our Standards

Since we are doing this as a project in a school class, we must have standards that adhere to education. Here is our list of standards.

Integration of knowledge and ideas: VII
Range of reading and level of text complexity: X
Craft and Structure: IV
Production And Distribution of Writing: IV, X
Creativity and Innovations: a, b, c
Communication And Collaboration: a, b, d
Critical thinking, problem solving, and decision making: all
Art-Creating: I, II, III
Art-Performing/Presenting/Producing: VI
Art-Connecting: XI


The Title of the Game

The name of the game will be Shattered Mirrors. The reason behind this is because the game we are trying to bring is one that reflects real life situations where there is no real good or bad choice. There is only a gray moral aspect of the choice. We want to see if we can break the self image that people have built around themselves about how all their choices in the game have been good and not bad ones. Right now, we are still working on character artwork. There will be another update sometime soon when we get some artwork done. Please be patient.

“It’s discouraging to think how many people are shocked by honesty and how few by deceit.”
― Noël Coward, Blithe Spirit

Day 1 100%

So, the very first portion of day 1 is completed. If you would like to try out the story that has been done so far, go to Twinery and click on Use Online. The story link is here. After downloading the file, you can import it into Twinery and then go a test run of it.

New News

So the twitter list is finished and at the time of posting, there are about 42 people I have added to it that will give me extra information that I will need or will find interesting.

Also, at the time of posting, Progress of Day 1 in our game is roughly 65% done. In a few days, I will begin overhauling Day 1 to a new platform but I will link the skeleton version here for people to try.

Hunter And Hunted

This was an old idea that I had forgotten about but just remembered when we were going through pitch day.

The idea behind this is a game is like a hybrid of hide and seek combined with tag. The player will have one person looking for them while looking for another person at the same time. This will be done in a mobile game of some sort.

One of the features of the game is the ping mechanic. The player will send out a ping that will give the general location of all the players within a certain radius but the tradeoff is that any player in the vicinity will see where the ping came from.

The other feature is disarmed mode where, by activating it, any player that comes too close will be disabled. If the player disables a non-hunter, they lose the ability to use the disarm until they have successfully hunted their quarry. Should they successfully disable their hunter, they get a 30 second cooldown to their ability. The hunter is disabled from hunting for 20 seconds and is shown on the map for every other player.

The Classic Mode is elimination points round. When a person has been hunted, they are removed from the game and their target is given to the successful hunter. The successful hunter also gets one point to their score total. By the end of the game, both players will have to utilize their disarms to try to eliminate the other. Winner is the one with the highest points.

Man hunt has multiple players hunting the same person. The hunted gains points for each successful disarm and they have the ability to use 3 total in the game.

Evasion mode is when one player is being hunted by everyone. They are considered invisible to pings and will be able to see the general direction of each of the players. They are to remain uncultured for the rest of the players. A certain amount of time is required to win. The other players win if they can capture the Evader.

Pitch Day

So we just finished Pitch Day for Innovations. We have a pretty good reception and everyone seems to like the concept of grey morality. The side project of Grade Flicker seems to also have fairly good reception but some would like us to focus on one rather than have a side project.

The idea behind having Grade Flicker as a side project is to have something to work on when we hit a road block or need some time to cool down from story writing or programming. It’s really something we can used to blow off steam and get a fresh mind again.

Music was well loved by the class. Seems like this is going to be what we will do for our final project.


So far, we have been using a program called Twine which can be found at this site. We are currently using this as the skeleton structure of how the choices of the game will pan out. The plan is to use this to set up everything that we will need choice-wise then transfer all the questioning to RPG Maker VX Ace where we will hopefully flesh out the game and finalize it.

It might not be much but it is still something that will hopefully allow us to gain some momentum to really get the ball going.